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17th IAA Humans in Space Symposium
Moscow, Russia, June 7-11, 2009


Monday, June 8                                          10:00-10:30                                           Blue Hall

Opening Ceremony

A.I.Grigoriev, The Organizing Committee Chairman, Vice President of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
J.-M. Contant, The Secretary General of the International Academy of Astronautics
V.A. Davidov, Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency
Greetings from the Crew of International Space Station Expedition 19
Greetings from the International Crew of 105-days Isolation Experiment

Monday, June 8                                          10:00-10:30                                           Blue Hall

Plenary Session Dedicated to the Memory of the Academician Oleg G. Gazenko

Contribution of Oleg Gazenko in the Foundation of International Academy of Astronautics
J.-M. Contant (France)

Advancing the Practice of Space Medicine through Cooperation
A. Nicogossian (USA)

Role of O.G. Gazenko in the Formation and Advancement of Space Biology and Medicine
A.I. Grigoriev (Russia)

June 7, Sunday
10.00-18.00Registration HallSymposium Participants Registration

June 8, Monday
9.00-17.00Registration HallSymposium Participants Registration
10.00-10.30Blue HallSymposium Opening Ceremony
10.30-12.30Blue HallPlenary Session Dedicated to the Memory
of the Academician Oleg G. Gazenko
14.00-14.25Blue HallKey note lecture by Dr. Guenther Reitz:
Astronauts' Radiation Safety in Interplanetary Manned Spaceflights, Including the Martian Mission
14.30-18.00Red HallCardiovascular and Respiratory Systems:
Adaptation to Microgravity
14.30-18.00Blue HallSensory-motor Effects of Hypogravity
(Session 1)
14.30-18.00Green HallRadiation Environment in Space Measurements and Calculations
14.30-18.00Beige HallEducation, Outreach and Spin-off activities
18.00-20.30Winter GardenWelcome Reception

June 9, Tuesday
9.00-17.00Registration HallSymposium Participants Registration
8.30-8.55Blue HallKey note lecture by Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis:
Next Steps in Exploration
9.00-12.30Red HallProblems of Operational Medicine
(Session 1)
9.00-12.30Blue HallSensory-motor Effects of Hypogravity
(Session 2)
9.00-12.30Green HallRadiation Safety in Space
9.00-12.30Beige HallAdvanced Life Support Systems
(Session 1)
12.30-14.00Demonstration Hall    CafePoster Sessions and Lunch
14.00-14.25Blue HallKey note lecture by Dr. Lin Xiqiang:
China Manned Space Program, Its Present and Future
14.30-18.00Red HallProblems of Operational Medicine
(Session 2)
14.30-18.00Blue HallSpace Cell Biology
14.30-18.00Green HallMicrogravity-induced Skeletal Muscle Alternations
14.30-18.00Beige HallAdvanced Life Support Systems
(Session 2)

June 10, Wednesday
9.00-17.00Registration HallSymposium Participants Registration
8.30-8.55Blue HallKey note lecture by Dr. Jeffrey P. Sutton:
Collaborative Approaches to Research and Education in Biomedicine for Human Spaceflight
9.00-12.00Red HallCountermeasures in Long-term Space Flights
(Session 1)
9.00-12.00Blue HallBone and Water Ion Metabolism in Microgravity
9.00-12.00Green HallBehaviour and Performance
9.00-12.00Beige HallAstrobiology and Planetary Protection
12.00-13.30Demonstration Hall    CafePoster Sessions and Lunch
13.30-16.25Red HallCountermeasures in Long-term Space Flights
(Session 2)
13.30-16.25Blue HallMetabolism and Immunity
13.30-16.25Green HallPsychosocial Issues
13.30-16.25Beige HallEnvironment Monitoring and Control
13.30-16.25Physiology Department HallSpace Tourism
16.30-16.55Blue HallKey note lecture by Dr. Chiaki Mukai:
Space Exploration and its Spiritual Spinoff
17.00-18.00Blue HallCosmonauts Panel
Moderators: V.A. Soloviev, B.V. Morukov
18.00-21.00Fountain HallBanquet

June 11, Thursday
9.00-17.00Registration Hall: Symposium Participants Registration
9.00-18.00Technical tours to:
  • Yuri Gagarin Russian State Scientific-Research Test Centre of Cosmonaut Training;
  • Mission Control Center, Museum of Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia";
  • SSC RF- Institute of Biomedical Problems of RAS.

June 8, Monday - 16.00-16.20
June 9, Tuesday - 10.30-10.50
June 10, Wednesday - 10.20-10.40