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17th IAA Humans in Space Symposium
Moscow, Russia, June 7-11, 2009

Scientific program

LIST OF SESSIONS in PDF format, 146 Kb

    Main topics

    I. Living and working in space
    • Human physiology: adaptation to microgravity and countermeasures
    • Behaviour, performance and psychosocial issues
    • Operational medicine
    • Extravehicular activity
    • Radiation health issues
    • Environment monitoring and control
    • Biological (cellular, plant and animals) researches
    • Spin offs

    II. Future of manned space flights: preparation for Lunar and Martian missions
    • Adaptation to long-term space flight conditions and countermeasures
    • Radiation health issues and protection
    • Psychosocial issues
    • Habitats and environment health issues
    • Advanced life support systems
    • Planetary protection
    • Astrobiology

    III. Relation to the General Public
    • Education and outreach activities
    • Space tourism

    IV. Papers in other related fields